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About Mobile-Shop®

Mobile-Shop® Company, LLC, is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and was formed in 2004 to redefine efficiency for businesses and industries of every kind.

The Mobile-Shop® System presents an entirely unique solution to a very real problem that exists for maintenance operations in a wide variety of industries: Waste. Every working day, time is wasted daily by maintenance personnel searching for and retrieving needed tools and parts. The Mobile-Shop® System was developed to effortlessly eliminate that waste by actively applying 5S and Lean Six Sigma principles. Or, in plain English, by maximizing efficiency.

The Mobile-Shop® System is built and assembled at our facility in Columbus, Ohio, according to the unique needs and specifications of our clients. We are fortunate to count some of the largest companies in a variety of industries as our loyal customers. Today you can find thousands of our tool carts and tool bags delivering our core benefits of Productivity, Professionalism, and Control at properties across the United States and around the world. See our testimonials to hear what our customers have to say, or browse our stories to learn how the Mobile-Shop System® made a difference for a particular application.

We are committed to providing the support required to ensure all personnel are properly trained to use and maintain the Mobile-Shop System® to provide an extraordinary return on investment year after year.

At Mobile-Shop® we encourage every customer to get in touch with us. What worked? What didn’t? Is there anything you would change? We listen. We’ve tweaked our design on a number of occasions based on direct feedback from our customers, because we are committed to offering the best solution available.

Where to Buy Mobile-Shop®

The Mobile-Shop System’s® proven ability to streamline maintenance for virtually any industry has allowed us to forge strong relationships with some of the most established and respected distributors in North America, including WW Grainger, HD Supply, Fastenal, and Ferguson. Distribution is also available through Amazon, Frontgate, and here on our own website.

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